Relationships: Building relationships to promote personal growth and outflow of ministry to others.

      Home/Small Groups: A vital component where individuals can use their unique gifting to encourage others and be strengthened in their Christian faith.

      Worship and Prayer: Knowing God and glorifying Him through prayer and worship.

      Discipleship: Mentoring individuals to hear from God, live in freedom, and experience spiritual gifts to grow in maturity in their relationship with Christ resulting in a capability and desire to mentor others.

      Empowering and Releasing Individuals:  Empowering and releasing individuals to reach their full potential as followers of Christ who are filled with the Spirit and model servant leadership.

      Spiritual Gifts: Embracing the ministry of the Holy Spirit and eagerly desiring spiritual gifts by each person is a critical element of the BCC ministry and accomplishment of our vision.

      Children/Family:  Establishing a family friendly culture. Assisting couples in building strong marriages. Promoting an environment where parents can effectively guide their children in Christ, nurture their children in the Lord and actively equip them to participate in the vision of the church.

      Outreach:  Equipping each person to share the truth of Christ in personal relationships, the local community, and the world through participation in the work that the Lord is already doing in individuals’ hearts.  The approach is “Easy/Easy” -- Easy to invite others to an activity and Easy for them to attend.

      Sacrificial Care: Maintaining a loving, friendly and Christ-like environment. Ministering to one another’s needs through an atmosphere of love, support, care, compassion and mutual encouragement.