1 Thessalonians 5:24 (ESV) HE who calls you is faithful; HE WILL DO IT! Leading up to last week’s message, I was struggling with God’s command to Rejoice Always. Several times I walked up and down our driveway confessing my inability to “Rejoice Always”. Then I began rejoicing out of obedience to the Lord all the painful circumstances in my life. Then last Sunday during wordship, Adam led us in a song by Colton Dixon “Build a Boat”. As I heard the words, “Build a boat in the sand where they say it will never rain, and so let it rain.” The Holy Spirit powerfully said, “This is why and how you Rejoice! Basically, the Holy Spirit said, “You Rejoice in all circumstance and God will bring the rain.” We must “Rejoice Always” to give an avenue for God to bring the rain. Now this morning we continue to learn why we should Always Rejoice: “HE who calls you is faithful; HE WILL DO IT!”