Corporate Worship
Broadlands Community Church’s (BCC) desire for our corporate worship is that it will praise God and establish an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move among the people.

Local and World Evangelism
BCC’s desire is to encourage each member to actively participate with God in impacting people locally and around the world

Home Groups
The vision of BCC is that our Home Groups are the embodiment of the first century church. We desire that our Home Groups will be a place where community is built and where the gifts God gives his people can be expressed in a way that nurtures, disciples, and brings His people to Himself. Our home groups should act as “mini churches” that, in addition to providing fellowship, support and community for believers, are a place of outreach by our members to draw others into a relationship with Christ

Children and Youth Discipleship
BCC believes the future truly rests in today's youth. Our youth ministries reflect the belief that each child - from newborn through high school - is a gift to be nurtured in order to reach their fullest potential. Our goal is that the Sunday School and Youth Ministries will provide numerous opportunities for our children to understand who Christ is and the incredible impact He can have in and through their lives. These ministries are also intended to serve as advocates for and in partnership with BCC parents to ensure each child knows they are loved and an important part of BCC.

Adult Discipleship
BCC’s goal for the Men’s and Women’s Ministries is that they will encourage them to hear God, live in freedom and experience spiritual gifts for personal growth and fellowship with the Lord as well as our community and one another. These ministries include multiple enrichment classes to draw individuals closer to God’s fullness such as annual off-site retreats for both Men and Women, Bible studies, and other outreach and fellowship events throughout the year as the need arise.

BCC is committed to providing the effective servant leadership necessary to set the strategic direction and fulfill the vision for BCC. We desire to demonstrate Christ-like oversight and continue to cultivate our own personal walk with Christ. We are committed to equip and prepare people by training them in the Scriptures, teaching them to embrace the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and then releasing them to minister in their sphere of influence.

BCC will ensure that we are good stewards of the facilities that the Lord has blessed us with. Our goal is that our facility and grounds will be clean, well maintained and aesthetically appealing. We will continually monitor the usage and condition of our facility. We will maintain and enhance the facilities as needed to both support the current and future ministries needs. The landscaping of the church grounds, entrance and sanctuary decorations will also be regularly reviewed and updated to present an appealing and welcoming environment for first time guests and members to come to worship. We will also ensure that adequate supplies and storage are available to support the needs of our congregation and ministries.

BCC’s desire is to create an effective plan of communicating internally and externally through the use of our website, informational flyers, signs and publications. Our goal is to efficiently use all possible mediums to communicate what BCC is doing and how we are reaching the community.

BCC is committed to be responsible managers of all of God’s gifts. We will manage our church on a fiscally sound operating basis. Through establishing an annual budget and assigning Elder oversight over the different ministries, we will ensure that BCC is a good steward of the Lord’s resources.